Dear Friends,

We greet you in the Peace of the Lord.

It’s been so long since I wrote to you. These last three months have been too busy!
Time has passed quickly but I cannot resist giving you a small overview of our celebrations of Christmas, Epiphany, and New Year, which were so beautiful here in Prouilhe. Midnight mass ended as usual at about 2:00 in the morning. But then, instead of going for our collation, people preferred to remain in the chapel to praise our Lord in silence, adoring Our Little King at the Crib…. It was wonderful!

I believe Holy Week and Easter will be as fervent.
Spring is such a beautiful time and its charm even tends to be growing as the days of Passion approach. Many people gather here, to pray with us, and to stay for some days. They are from all walks of life: married people; students; Girl and Boy Scouts; children in catechetical programs; workers and managers; and those who are lonely. A group of 25 scholars from Santa Fe, CA, has even planned to come in two weeks! We can actually witness the Holy Spirit’s work in our monastery where joy and peace abound. Our convent is like a lighthouse that gives leads our world to the Gospel of the Lord.

Concerning the matter of the renovations here in Dominic’s land, we have a lot of news to share as well.
We’ve just completed the work on the roof of the guesthouse. The house is so beautiful now! Well at least the roof. We still have to manage the rest of the work. Our visitors are very excited and they look forward to seeing the whole renovation. We have just signed the agreement with the architects, and we are preparing the next steps of pre- plans, draft proposal and trade consultation. Now, the roof of the Basilica also needs to be repaired and we’re extending the schedule of this project. This will be in the topic of our next news!

Our fundraising is progressing very well: we’ve raised more than $250.000 in donations. People are very generous. Two Foundations are supporting us also. I look forward to having more concrete information to share with you. As soon as our Community agrees with the drawings, plans and prices of the architects, we’ll let all our friends know.

All sectors of the Community are very involved in this beautiful project. First of all during our Office our first duty is to pray for and meet our visitors in special moments of grace. Then, each day the sister cook has a lot to prepare, the guest house keeper sister has a lot of people to welcome, the craft sisters have a lot to design and make, and our prioress has a lot to manage!

We receive the strength we need by celebrating the Eucharist every day and by reciting and meditating deeply during the Holy Rosary. This is where we meet all of you, our beloved friends, in the wonderful communion of the saints.
We praise God for your blessed presence, for your support, and we ask our Mother Mary to protect you always.

Your Sisters at Prouilhe Monastery

& Sr Marie